During the validation of your purchase, you will be offered several payment options and a facility. By Carte Bleue, MasterCard or VISA and American Express. MONETICO PAIEMENT of the Crédit Mutuel CIC Group manages e-commerce flows through its electronic payment solutions and its CKD TPEs. -All the payment phases to be carried out between the buyer and MONETICO PAIEMENT are fully encrypted and protected. The protocol used is SSL coupled with electronic banking. - This means that the information related to the order and the credit card number do not circulate in clear on the Internet. -The credit card number is not printed on any paper, invoice, slip or other listing. -The merchant has no knowledge of the card numbers. - MONETICO PAIEMENT does not store the numbers on its server. Thus, no one has access, either electronically or in print, to the bank card details of buyers. Wire Transfer You can also pay by bank transfer. The bank details of the company are communicated to you if you choose this method of payment and you are reminded by email. Your order is sent on the day you have chosen, after our account has been credited with the amount of your purchase.